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Drives for Mobile Applications  

Platforms and customer-specific solutions.

More dynamics for traction, lifting and steering 

Drives from ABM Greiffenberger feature impressive reliability, longevity, safety and dynamics all along the line – core conditions that characterize our product understanding. In the field of drives for mobile applications, we offer you energy-saving, smooth-running and powerful motors for your application, in the categories traction, lifting and steering.

Modular & reliable 

TDB Bevel Gearbox Drive Units 

Compact platform with the highest level of integration.

The latest-generation bevel gearbox drive units generate up to 15% more output torque. The "TDB230/254 Kombi" version is perfect for building vehicle platforms with differing wheel sizes. Manual or electric steering can optionally be selected. This gearbox can also be supplied in fully integrated form in combination with a steering drive and redundant steering monitoring. 

  • Compact and quiet
  • Small outside circle radius
  • Series with various available options
  • Plug & Play

Robust & powerful 

TDH Hub Wheel Drives

Robustly built with precise driving characteristics. 

Wheel hub drives are characterized by a compact design with drive components integrated into the drive wheel. The particularly robust design also permits high static and dynamic wheel loads. The high wheel torques  at low speeds stand for precise maneuvering and makes these drives perfect for driving up inclines – in diverse applications, such as pallet jacks, aerial work platforms, driverless transport systems or sweeper/scrubbers.

  • Lower energy consumption due to high efficiency
  • Robust and durable
  • Compact, light and quiet

Functional & quiet 

TDF Parallel Shaft Gears  

Cost-efficient with a high service life. 

The high-contact-ratio helical gear technology means maximum efficiency and optimally smooth running. With aluminum die casting technology a customer-oriented solution with an outstanding price-to-performance ratio can be developed. The design and the aluminum alloy specially selected for a given application combine light weight and stability, particularly with sizes 200 mm and 230 mm. 

  • Lower energy consumption due to high efficiency
  • Robust and durable
  • Compact, light and quiet

Compact & all-purpose 

Motors with Housings  

More surface for sustained power output. 

Thanks to optimized cooling characteristics, the special enclosed AC motor design with housing and cooling fins enables a constantly high continuous output. As traction motors in battery-operated vehicles, for example, they are ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions and applications with high peak loads and high continuous outputs. External drive controllers assume the power supply and the speed / torque control. 

  • Energy-efficient
  • Long driving times
  • High peak torque
  • Series with various available options

Robust & long-lived 

End Shield AC Motors  

The cost-effective alternative to enclosed motors for short-time duty. 

This special design without a housing features high peak powers and an optimum price-to-performance ratio. Typical uses are applications with high peak loads and low continuous outputs, e.g. traction motors (stop & go operation) and hydraulic pumps (power on demand) in battery-operated vehicles. External drive controllers assume the power supply and the speed / torque control. 

  • High peak torque
  • Compact design
  • Series with various available options

Dynamic & efficient 


Strong magnets for efficiency and compactness. 

The ABM SINOCHRON® motor is a permanently excited synchronous motor with internal permanent magnets (IPM motors). The specific rotor shape generates a sinusoidal distribution of the magnetic flux. This yields special properties enabling, apart from a virtually nonexistent cogging torque, reliably regulated operation with no sensors

  • High power density
  • Highest efficiencies in partial load mode
  • Several sizes and lengths
  • Various models

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