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requirements and specifications.

Focus on your specifications.

Every application has its own specific requirements with respect to the drive technology used. Whether it’s a compact design, especially quiet operation, maximum safety or extended system integration: our competencies and products are as individual as our customers and their markets. That’s why we focus on new demands all the time to develop your individual drive solution. 

Networked and application-based 

Our consistent Work Approach

At ABM Greiffenberger we think in terms of industries and 
focus on their requirements. 

That’s why our sales and product development teams are closely intermeshed and organized according to industries. This guarantees that you will always meet with a specialist intimately aware of the general framework and the specific requirements of your industry.

Dynamics for every task 

Custom Drive Solutions and
Tailor-Made Developments

At ABM Greiffenberger a unique combination
of electric motor and gearbox know-how awaits you. 

With our vast product spectrum and high level of vertical integration, we are optimally prepared for any demand: We consider the challenges of your market and develop a drive solution that matches your application right down to the smallest detail. With our comprehensive modular system, we also have the flexibility to offer you a cost-efficient solution. You, the customer, are always sure to receive the perfect products for your applications.

Efficient & powerful 

Liquid-cooled Motors 

Maximum performance in a minimal space.

Liquid-cooled motors are suitable both for use in industrial applications, e.g. in the textile industry or in printing machines, and for mobile applications such as construction machines, electric vehicles, material handling vehicles or watercraft. They feature a high power density in a small space as well as extremely high efficiency and reliability. As a system solution, they can be combined with all ABM gearbox types and controlled via inverter. 

  • High power density
  • Longer operating time
  • Highly efficient heat dissipation
  • Extremely compact design
  • Robust: oscillation- and vibration-resistant

Robust & low-wear 

Agitator Gearbox SGS 125 

Developed for reliable operation. 

The agitator gearbox specially developed for wood chip conveying features a patented material combination for low wear and guarantees more than 10,000 hours of operation. The shaft is equipped with a plate to which the spring arms can be directly mounted. The support legs can also be attached to the robust grey cast iron housing via threaded holes – thus eliminating the need for complex sheet metal gearbox fixtures.

  • High output torque
  • Improved wear resistance thanks to patented material combination
  • Designed for a service life of > 10,000 operating hours 
  • Specially developed sealing system

Individual & flexible 

Angular Gearbox with Back Gear 

Suitable for all uses.

All-purpose Appropriate extension of the ABM angular gearbox gives the user further system advantages. Thanks to the flexible installation and the additional power distribution, just one highly efficient motor can be used to move multiple drive elements at the same time. This saves money and speeds up startup. 

  • Compact system solution from a single source
  • Multifunctional – one drive for four movements
  • Components from a modular system with application-specific extension
  • Cost-effective and rapidly available
  • Optimal integration into the application 

Safe & reliable 

Drives for Stair Lifts 

A combination of functionality, safety and comfort.

Custom drives that combine numerous functions and satisfy the highest demands for safety, precision, comfort and reliability in the smallest space are often used in medical and rehabilitation technology. Stair lifts not only need to travel along the stairs, but also must have a seat-levelling function to compensate for different inclines. Customer-specific custom solutions of this kind are typical products of our development and manufacturing expertise. 

  • Compact system solution: motor, gearbox and controller from a single source
  • Two functions (travel and levelling) in one drive unit
  • Take-up of external forces by the housing saves on components
  • Especially quiet and smooth running

Robust & effective 

Drives for Pumps 

System integration at the highest level.

The all-in-one pump and gearbox housing was developed for highly efficient pump systems. With a drive solution ideally adapted to the function, interfaces are eliminated and optimal use of the installation space is ensured. 

  • Customer-specific interface: Special eccentric mechanism for operating the pump
  • Integration of pump into gearbox housing
  • Sustainable: Combined gearbox and pump lubrication
  • Service- and maintenance-friendly

Reliable & compact 

Drives for Construction Elevator 

Designed for function.

Through integration of load-bearing and guiding elements, the drive doesn’t just move the construction elevator: It also ensures safe pick-up of the cage and reliable, guided travel. 

  • Application-specific interface
  • Gearbox housing assumes a load-bearing and guiding function in the application
  • Fast, trouble-free installation thanks to 
    Plug & Play
  • Optimized costs due to reduced number of components

Individual & flexible

Steering Unit for Counterweight Stackers 

Safe and precise steering. 

ABM offers you steering drives as complete solutions with integration into traction drives or as standalone solutions. Suitable for pallet jacks, stackers, order pickers or three-wheel sit down forklift trucks, they combine the best steering characteristics with dynamic, precise movements and thus ensure full driving comfort and safety.

  • High wheel load
  • Easy vehicle implementation
  • Precise & reliable

Individual & solution-optimized  

Electric Differential Axle for
Forklift Trucks and Transport Systems 

Special requirements are our strength. 

One of ABM’s core strengths is innovative and powerful customized drive systems for mobile applications. The ABM differential axle is one example of this. An existing interface and special requirements in your vehicle place extremely high demands on the developers. Our experienced team of engineers with comprehensive user-specific knowledge can develop forward-looking innovative solutions for you.

  • Perfect for your application
  • Optimized interfaces
  • Easy vehicle implementation

Long-lived & sustainable  

Drives for Wind Turbines 

Making energy tangible. 

A sophisticated generator system converts wind power into electrical energy – exactly in the place where the electricity is needed. The system reliably supplies users with ‘green energy’. 

  • Multifunctional system integration
  • Robust, long service life
  • Flexible and globally deployable

Contact & Advice 

Contact us for your
individual Drive Solution

Wherever technically and economically feasible,
we cooperate with you to develop tailored
Drive Solutions solely for your Purpose. 

This guarantees that all aspects of your special application are optimally considered
and implemented as uncompromisingly as possible. Our individual drive solutions
can be found in a multitude of applications. Contact us and let us help you develop
your perfect drive solution. 

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