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Long-lived, reliable and powerful 

40 years of experience and more than one million hoist drive units: This is the solid basis for the product range tailored to the high demands of lifting technology from ABM Greiffenberger. We offer you a one-stop source for the complete system solution from hoist drives through hoist motors, travel drives and frequency inverters to electric chain hoists and entertainment hoists. Our powerful, long-lived and innovative solutions are sure to give you a competitive edge. 

Long-lived & powerful 

Hoist Drives

For precise, safe load handling. 

Hoist drives from ABM Greiffenberger lift loads of 3.2 t to 40 t (rope reeving 4/1, FEM 2 m) with complete safety and reliability. The aluminum housings provide for low self-weight and high corrosion resistance. U-shaped mounting of the cable drums allows simple and space-saving installation. 

  • Extended application range thanks to larger center distance
  • Doubled service life, FEM 2 m design with 4/1 rope reeving
  • Lifting speed of up to 200 Hz without load with inverter operation shortens the cycle time
  • Quiet running

Dynamic & low-vibration 

Travel Drives 

Ready-to-install system solutions.

The hoist drives and motors together with the travel drives from ABM Greiffenberger form ready-to-install system solutions. The travel drives are available as helical gearboxes (G-series), parallel shaft gearboxes (FGA-series) and angular gearboxes (KG-series) – each with integrated safety brake. ABM Greiffenberger offers an appropriate solution for every speed and accuracy requirement with two product lines: Profi-Line travel drives enable two travel speeds, Automation-Line drives enable operation for reliable processes with variable speeds and satisfies the highest demands for positioning accuracy. 

  • Low-maintenance and corrosion-protected
  • High-quality, quiet gearing
  • Reliable and robust drives through specific motor and gearbox designs
  • High overall efficiency

Reliable & low-vibration 

Hoist Motors 

Numerous advantages thanks to ABM Greiffenberger know-how.

The starting current of the hoist motors is low, a dynamic ramp-up curve creates the prerequisites for high crane performance. ABM Greiffenberger hoist motors ensure precise, safe load handling with soft acceleration, extremely smooth running and low-wear safety brakes, even at high throughput rates. 

  • High starting and breakdown torques
  • Soft and safe acceleration
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Reliable double-acting safety brake
  • Certified to CE, UL/CSA

Modular & compact

Inverter VFD  

Performance for any application.

With the VFD frequency inverter, ABM Greiffenberger offers a complete drive technology for cranes: The drive controller can be individually parameterized to ensure optimal performance for any application. In addition, the number of travel drive variants can be reduced by powering different wheel diameters with the same travel drive unit. 

  • Compact, modular design
  • Optimal regulation characteristics
  • Easy startup
  • Integrated PLC

Safe & powerful 

Electric Chain & Entertainment Hoists 

Performance and reliability at high loads. 

The electric chain and entertainment hoists are available in three sizes and can handle loads of up to 2 tons. They feature great versatility, a compact design and reliable operation. ABM Greiffenberger has developed an integrated electronic control system especially for electric chain hoists: The basic version for lifting and lowering can easily be supplemented by plug and play with an additional board for the horizontal travel function. 

  • Reliable overload protection through friction couplings
  • Energy-efficient through high efficiency
  • Robust, low-maintenance & corrosion-protected
  • Quiet running thanks to high-quality helical gears
  • Modular system with diverse options, e.g. electronic control

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