Ecodesign directive

Targets and Significance

The Ecodesign of Energy Related Products Directive (ErP), also known as the Ecodesign directive, has the aim of minimizing negative effects of energy consumption on the environment.

To do this, it covers the entire life cycle of a product, from creation to disposal. It affects both consumer goods and industrial products, e.g. electric drives, within the EU member states. To have a positive influence on the energy balance, from 1 July 2021, new targets for minimum efficiencies will apply for electric motors used in machines.

Our environmental policy

Scope of the Ecodesign directive

The Regulation affects the following

The Ecodesign directive applies to induction motors with squirrel-cage rotors designed for operation with a sinusoidal voltage at a frequency of 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz and have the following characteristics: 

  • They have two, four, six or eight poles
  • The have a rated voltage VN of more than 50 V and up to 1,000 V
  • They have a rated output PN of 0.12 kW to 1,000 kW
  • They are designed for continuous operation 
  • They are intended to run directly on mains electricity 

For single-phase motors from 0.12 kW, the requirements apply starting on 01.07.2023.

We have THE sustainable alternative to single phase motors:
The ABM 3-phase motor with integrated controller. Contact us!

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Industry 4.0

Digital Interfaces for 
more Efficiency

Growing demands and rapidly changing markets means that we have to detect trends even faster and need fast, efficient processes in order to impress.

Already in development, but also in production, we work with automated processes. We combine these digital interfaces with the know-how of our employees for progressive thinking in all areas. This allows us to proceed efficiently and with cost optimization towards Industry 4.0. 

INVEOR drive controllers

Innovation for all ABM Greiffenberger Motors 

Fast system integration, efficiency and simple handling: A motor-mounted
drive controller, as the latest innovation coming out of ABM Greiffenberger. 

The new controllers can be easily combined with AC induction and SINOCHRON® motors as well as with all gearboxes from 
ABM Greiffenberger. The special technology enables a speed control range of 1:200. A big advantage is the unique working
principle: The large control range is made possible in sensorless operation, which saves the user money and simultaneously
significantly increases the system availability. Smart features such as a Bluetooth interface or optional fieldbus systems secure
the availability and make the drive system ready for the requirements of Industry 4.0. 
One product amongst many with which we demonstrate our innovativeness. 


Lean management

Efficiency along the entire Value Chain

With our lean management we create
the basis for continuous process optimization.

The lean process thrives on new impulses. That’s why at ABM Greiffenberger all employees, from production to management, as well as suppliers and customers contribute their ideas to optimally design the entire value chain. The prime objectives are to avoid waste and to create maximum customer benefit over the entire process. The end result is consistent processes and an optimal cost-to-benefit ratio.

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Bringing Precision to Series Production 

Whether with compact dimensions or an extremely dynamic design, whisper-quiet or energy-optimized. 
With our drive solutions we orient ourselves to concrete needs and requirements.
We respond to these requirements with our extremely wide range of products. 

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