Drive System Solutions for Intralogistics

Focus on Sustainability and Efficiency

As a full-service provider for drive technology, ABM
develops and manufactures drive systems for stationary
and mobile applications.

Users in all areas of intralogistics - including automated logistics systems with conveyor technology, hoists and forklifts, automated guided vehicles and many other applications - benefit from powerful and efficient ABM drive solutions.
The plug-and-play drive units impress with high performance and flexibility as well as maximum availability and ultra-premium efficiency.

At LogiMAT, we will be presenting two new ABM developments alongside customized drive solutions:
Our highly integrated drive for roller conveyors and our separately excited synchronous motor

System solutions from ABM always have one thing in common:
The focus is always on performance, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Because measurable customer benefit is what drives us every day.

Site plan

LogiMAT: Find out more in Hall 3,
Booth B15 about our highly efficient products,
innovations and technical novelties.

The all-round Package for Intralogistics Applications.

In Stuttgart, we will be presenting complete drive solutions for a wide range of intralogistics applications. We adapt these to specific applications and customers, placing particular emphasis on sustainability and efficiency as well as close and cooperative partnerships with our customers.

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Maximum Output on Demand

New Drive Unit for Roller Conveyors  |  System Solutions for horizontal Conveyor Technology

One innovation is the highly integrated synchronous motor for accumulation roller conveyors. Combined with gearboxes and inverters from ABM, you get the optimum complete solution for moving all loads: From small roller conveyors to pallet conveyors.

  • From a single cast: Complete motor-inverter unit
  • Maximum efficiency and economy
  • Increased energy efficiency thanks to optimized motor technology
  • Sensorless high performance control
  • High overload capability of 250%

Innovations and Trends

New Development: Externally Excited Synchronous Motor

Sustainable, efficient and completely without rare earths. 
Another trade fair innovation is our separately excited synchronous motor for e-mobility, off-highway and pump applications. The new technology is currently under development. The magnet-free drive is highly controllable for any load, ensures highly efficient operation and can be combined with gearboxes to form a compact and powerful unit.

  • Very good control behavior
  • No rare earth magnets | Low CO2 footprint
  • High torque overload capacity
  • Extremely efficient operation for the entire speed range
    of traction drives
  • High system integration of the drive unit

Individual & Sustainable

Focus on your Requirements: Tailor-made Developments

One example of many:
A customized system solution tailored to the requirements for the electrification of a truck refrigeration unit. Maximum reduction in emissions, efficient use of kinetic energy when driving and braking and reliable operation thanks to a redundant system.
Best drive solutions Engineered in Germany.

  • Comprehensive development expertise &
    state-of-the-art testing technologies
  • Broad technology platform for motors, gearboxes & Inverter
  • High vertical integration & fast reaction times
  • Best technological & sustainable solutions for your application
  • Customized development for your competitive advantage

Energy efficient & Sensorless

Sustainable System Solutions for all Areas of Intralogistics Applications

Maximum Performance and flexibility. Highest availability and Ultra-Premium-Grade through
adapted solutions. In addition, mastering complexity by reducing the number of variants.

  • Compact with high power density
  • Sustainable through maximum efficiency
  • High Performance through sensorless control
  • Sustainable by energy recuperation
  • Maximum reduction in emissions


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