What we stand for

Our Guiding Principle

We develop and produce application- and customer-specific drive solutions complete with motors,
gearboxes, electronic drive controls and peripheral equipment.

Our products distinguish themselves by their high quality, reliability, performance, energy efficiency, low noise emissions,
highest dynamic response, outstanding controllability and both small installation dimensions and competitive economic efficiency.

We guarantee all these benefits by implementing the principles of our quality, environmental, health and safety, and energy policies, which are hereby
put into effect by the management.

Our Quality Policy

Quality is when the customer 
comes back, not the product

Each employee is responsible for
the quality of his or her work!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. It is decisive
for the success of our company. Continuous quality
improvement strengthens our competitiveness.

Our Environmental Policy

Environmental Protection concerns us all

The consequences of pollution affect not only us but, above all,
the coming generations. That is why we accept responsibility.

  • We produce as little waste as possible and separate it as specified!
  • Our suppliers confirm their environmental compatibility!
  • We comply with the legal environmental requirements which concern us!
  • We economize raw, auxiliary and operating materials!
  • If possible, we replace hazardous materials by non-hazardous ones!
  • Our drive units distinguish themselves by low noise emissions, a long service life,
    energy efficiency and recyclability.

Our Health and Safety Policy

There are thousands of Diseases, but Health is unique

Our employees’ health is of the utmost importance to us.

Our ultimate objective is to avoid accidents at work and work-related health problems and to minimize sick leave.
Each employee is responsible for his or her health and safety! All employees must take safety measures!

  • We obviate risks by prevention!
  • We design workplaces according to ergonomic criteria!
  • We wear our personal protective equipment, which we receive from our superiors!
  • We train superiors and colleagues on safety at work!
  • We provide comprehensive company medical care!
  • We report health and safety deficiencies immediately to our safety officers, specialists or superiors!
  • We eliminate safety deficiencies quickly and sustainably!

Our Energy Policy

Climate Protection concerns us all

In order to reduce the environmental impacts,
we practice efficient and
climate- compatible energy use.

Each employee is responsible for the careful handling
of energy at his or her workplace and working environment!

Find out what moves our customers and us! 

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  • 25. - 27.04.2023 - Stuttgart / Germany

    LogiMAT - International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management


  • 12. - 14.09.2023 – Novi, Michigan / USA

    Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo


  • 14. - 16.11.2023 – Nuremberg / Germany

    SPS – smart production solutions


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  • Motors
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